I'm a Swedish born creator. I used to build and make things all the time, but since high school I got enthralled with concept art, and began focusing on that, just illustrating things.

I got the chance to move to Germany and ended up spending 7 years there, working with different studios and people. As a red-thread, I worked on bigger games that needed lots of world-building - just my thing.

The last couple of years I've also learnt Unreal Engine for the fun of it. It's kind of going back to my roots of making things and playing/experimenting with them, albeit in the digital world instead.

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My Services

My speciality is somewhat grounded or realistic design. Design with a purpose, if only to look a certain way.

I can help your project with:

Concept Art
Concept Design

This site

Made this site myself after a long while of relying on Squarespace. While that was great, it feels better to have made the frame for my work from the ground up.

I hope it helps tie together the sometimes very different things I do into a more unified package. That will also help myself focus and drive my art towards what I like the most. In the end, that clarity will also benefit you as a potential client.