PS4 (2017)

" Earth, around the year 3000. The exact date and time is not known, because the world ended several centuries ago. In this land, humanity exists as a loose collection of tribes. Each have their own set of customs, beliefs, enemies, and allies, which has shaped their distinct styles."

This was one of the most long-going projects I've been on, started after our work on Killzone 4 ended. I was part of Karakter Design Studio during this. Head over there to see what the full contribution looks like.

A Hunters bar in Meridian
The docks below Meridian

I worked mostly on the religious costumes, and this one made it all they ways through leagal to be shown here. The final artwork seen here is polished up by the team at Karakter.

Ruins faded into the landscape
Overgrown airplanes

The design of the Nora architechture. I´m most happy about how this turned out.